Children of all ages, and abilities, need to be involved in physical activity regularly. Baseball NSW has introduced Baseball5 to the school programs.


What is Baseball5?

Baseball5 is a fast-paced, dynamic and inclusive game that can be played anywhere, anytime. All you need is a ball, some training equipment such as agility ladders, markers and throw down bases. The game engages students of all ages with many exercises and training drills, covering hand-eye coordination, speed and agility skills.

Instructor development programs are available to both Primary and High schools, also to Universities, Recreational Centres and Baseball Associations.

​Our program can be personalised based on your requirements, and is delivered by BNSW coaches and approved instructors. We can also train your coaches and teachers to deliver the program independently​.

Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools Program

Baseball NSW is a member and contributor of the Federal Governments Sporting Schools program. The program coordinates sporting organisations, coaches, and teachers to deliver sport before, during and after school hours. Schools can apply for funding to deliver a program each term and is available to both primary and high schools. Parents and guardians are also able to use the $100 Active Kids Voucher towards enrolling their kids in the Baseball5 program.

Furthermore, Sporting Schools Club Connect will enable eligible primary schools to build on their involvement in the Sporting Schools program by establishing and building upon relationships with local sporting clubs. Club Connect aims to support primary school students to transition from a school-based sporting program to participating at their local sporting club, promoting lifelong engagement in sport.

Sporting Schools


Contact Adrian Medina for more information about our Baseball5 schools programs.

Baseball5 Video Resources

​Lesson 1: Game, field and differences between Baseball, Softball and Baseball5

Lesson 2: The Rulebook

Lesson 3: The game officials

Lesson 4: Official paperwork and scoring

Lesson 5: Defensive training and warm-up

Lesson 6: Hitting technique and strategy

Lesson 7: Game preliminaries, game strategies and practice planning