Performance and Developing Pathway Programs

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Performance and Developing Pathway Programs

These top-tier athletes will undergo training from Baseball NSW’s highest calibre of coaches over three sessions per week. These programs will be led and directed by Baseball NSW High-Performance Manager, Grahame Cassel.

Held at Blacktown International Sports Park, these sessions will also include Sprint Training from Baseball NSW’s in-house certified speed and Sprint Coach Adrian Medina.

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Athletes will also use Rapsodo baseball technology to provide data and metrics for both Hitters and Pitchers.

New to the program, Position Players will receive a Blast Sensor which will provide further data to help Baseball NSW develop and fine-tune each player’s swings by creating individualized practice plans

Baseball NSW will continue to give our athletes body screening and assist them with physical development through in-training gym sessions that will include a mixture of body weight, weighted, and explosive/rotational exercises to help create a baseball-centred approach to the weight room.

Baseball NSW will have a testing day towards the end of the program to see how much the athletes have improved and progressed throughout the program. The testing day will include a 60-yd dash, Run & Gun, and Bat Exit Speed test. These results will constitute the athlete’s trials for the U18s and U16s AYC.

Program length

The Performance and Developing Pathway Programs will run over 10-weeks between June 21 and August 25, 2022.

All sessions will incorporate the positional requirements of each group.

The practice times have increased from past years so that we can ensure these positional requirements are met.

Sessions will take place at:
Blacktown International Sports Park (Diamond 2) on designated days listed in information packs from
 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Program content

All players will receive the following content:

— Pre + Post Program Physical testing
— Strength + Conditioning
— Driveline Arm Maintenance Program
— Jaeger Arm Maintenance and Long-Toss Programming
— RAPSODO Ball Flight Technology
— Running Speed Development
— BLAST MOTION bat sensor data
— Driveline Ball Exit Speed Program