Baseball5 or B5 is an urban version of the classic games of baseball and softball. It is a fast, young and dynamic discipline that follows the same founding principles of its parent disciplines. Baseball5 can be played everywhere and requires only a rubber ball.

For more information, rule books and tutorial videos scroll down or for all the latest news check out the Baseball NSW Baseball5 Facebook page, WBSC website or the Baseball Australia website. There you can see all the Baseball5 action from around the world as well as any upcoming events happening across the state. ​

For any queries relating to Baseball5, please contact Head of Baseball5, Adrian Medina Scull.


What is Baseball5?

WSBC Official Rules of Baseball5

New 5-inning, 5-on-5 Street “Baseball5”

Nueva disciplina “Baseball5” Urbano de 5 entradas, 5 contra 5

Baseball5 Video Resources

​Lesson 1: Game, field and differences between Baseball, Softball and Baseball5

Lesson 2: The Rulebook

Lesson 3: The game officials

Lesson 4: Official paperwork and scoring

Lesson 5: Defensive training and warm-up

Lesson 6: Hitting technique and strategy

Lesson 7: Game preliminaries, game strategies and practice planning