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Have you ever wanted to play baseball? Have you watched baseball, idolising players in the Australian Baseball League or the U.S. Major Leagues? Have you ever wanted to hit a home run or strike someone out?

Let us guide you on how you can get involved in one of Australia’s fast-growing team sports! We have competitions, leagues and teams through Metropolitan Sydney and Country New South Wales looking for recruits to participate in our sport. We cater for all ages and abilities so get in touch with us today, we’re here to help.


Club & Try Baseball Events

Our clubs host introduction days where players can come along and give baseball a go. The coaches are there to help and answer any questions you may have about the game. The days are often focused on Baseball, T-Ball, Zooka and Baseball5. All coming dates will be listed below.

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What we do

Play Baseball provides individuals with an opportunity to be involved in a sport that promotes respect and teamwork, and most importantly, it’s fun for all ages!

Our primary goal is to encourage as many people to join our sport as well as the enjoyment it provides. Beyond that, we have junior and senior representation at State, National and International levels as well as pathways to collegiate and professional baseball. So, no matter what you desire we have something to cater to everybody.

We assist in how to play baseball by giving you the right guidance, the right training and the technique to hone your skills at the game.

How do we make baseball coaching fun?

While learning the fundamentals of the game is important, it is also vital to enjoy it. Coaches are the first point of contact for many of our participants, so we must encourage people to want to assist in the development of our players.

For the coaches, we provide coaching courses that will ensure that you stay interested and engaged.

Here are some fun ways to run a baseball session:

Several repetitions for a student

We remember to point out when someone has done really well and inspire others to learn from them. This inculcates peer to peer interactions and motivation.

Keep students active and engaged

Players do not like standing in queues and waiting for them to play a ball. They start to get agitated. We regularly take feedback and ideas to engage the players in various types of drills, so that no one is wasting their time waiting.

New class & new drill

So as not to lose interest by doing the same thing everyday. And so, we have new activities, new drills and different routines planned for different classes, keeping you on your toes.