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BNSW Coaching 2

Get your coaching accreditation!

Obtaining one’s coach accreditation is an obligatory requirement of both Baseball Australia and Baseball NSW. This requirement applies to coaches, assistant coaches, and “specialist” coaches.

In July 2020, Baseball Australia revised their coach accreditation system and integrated the USA Baseball Certification courses. There are 3 levels of accreditation, A, B and C, which are recognised nationally. As such, we have updated our coach accreditation requirements, with the USA Baseball Certification being a mandatory component of the BNSW accreditation.

BNSW Coaching 2

Level A Coach Learning
Cost: Free

Level A Coach – Entry level baseball is for all non-player pitch
baseball (T-ball, machine, or coach pitch baseball) including assistant coaches.

  • Minimum age requirement – 14 years of age
  • Length of Accreditation – Lasts 3 years
  • This accreditation is free of charge

Level B Coach Learning
Cost: $90

Level B Coach – General level is for all player pitch baseball
from Little League minors to senior (adult) baseball.

  • Minimum age – 16 years of age
  • Length of Accreditation – Lasts 3 years

Level C Coach Learning
Cost: $150

Level C Coach is for Head coach junior charter baseball,
club head coaches, NSW and Australian coaches.

  • You must be a Level B coach before applying for Level C
  • Minimum Age – 18 years of age
  • Length of Accreditation – Lasts 3 years