USA Baseball Announces Launch of Baseball5 & Game Kits Partnership

This month, the WBSC and USA Baseball announced their partnership that aims to continue to grow the baseball5 movement across the United States.

USA Baseball announced the launch of exclusive Baseball5 balls and game kits for the US region in partnership with GameMaster Athletic.

“This exciting partnership,” stated USA Baseball in a press release, “aims to fuel the growth of Baseball5, a fast-paced version of baseball/softball, making it more accessible to enthusiasts and players across the United States.” The knock on effect this has for baseball5 around the world will be tremendous and it is a very exciting development for the game!

This means that the WBSC now have all top baseball powerhouses nations with interest in Baseball5 development – Japan, Cuba, Venezuela, Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and now USA. Australia, whilst a smaller nation in comparison, is now in the perfect position to continue dedicating resources to the development of the game, with the World Cup happening at the end of this year.

The partnership also raises questions around the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 2028, with host nation America now showing interest in the game. We know that Baseball5 provides a pathway to the Youth Olympic Games, is there potential for the senior game as well?

Some exciting news for the game and for more information, head to the announcement made by USA Baseball: