Sydney Cup 2022 Announcement

The Baseball NSW Sydney Cup competition has come around again and will begin in October.

The round-robin tournament will run from October through to December and is played in conjunction with the associations’ regular season competitions. The Sydney Cup will be played on a fortnightly basis allowing our junior associations to compete against each other regularly.

The Sydney Cup competition is a highly competitive event that Baseball NSW runs as a mandatory pathway through to the Little League programs. The prestigious event showcases players from across Sydney-based and regional associations and teams from the ACT.

It provides 12, 14 and 16-year-old players, the opportunity to represent their associations. The three age groups are derived from highly influential baseball legends, Worboys, Balfour, and Shipley, all of whom have had significant roles in shaping the history of Baseball in NSW.

Baseball NSW encourages all associations to participate and submit their teams in their respective age groups for this highly anticipated, upcoming season.