SSA Baseball Championships Update

The School Sport Australia Baseball Championships have showcased some exceptional talent from the school-aged baseballers across our nation.

With 3 days completed and a rest day taken, the teams are set to take the diamonds again on Friday and Saturday to complete the tournament.

Thursday was spent educating the players about college pathways that baseball provides and having some fun playing Baseball5 activities out on the diamond, running through game fundamentals that B5 enhances.

The results from the first 3 days see New South Wales sitting top of the ladder going 6 – 0, with QLD close behind 5 – 1, only losing to NSW. The final round games are scheduled to start at 9:00 am tomorrow morning.

New South Wales players are currently topping GameChanger leaderboards, with the top 3 quality at-bats going to Fielder (14), Padovan (13), and Howarth (13), and NSW has the top 2 RBI hitters of the competition so far, Chappell (9) and Robinson (9). Dan Mills is also pitching well with 12 strikeouts and a 62.5% first-pitch strike percentage.

Click the buttons below to view the results from the first 3 days of the tournament: