Joel McCanna from Moorebank Royals raises over $7000 for ‘Kids With Cancer’

On Sunday 19th February, Joel McCanna had his hair cut and will be sending his hair to the ‘Kids with Cancer’ Wigs 4 Kids campaign.

It was late in 2022 when Joel decided he wanted to cut his hair! Several people pointed out at the time that there would be many kids who would love to have his long blonde hair. It was then, that he decided that he should donate his hair to someone who really needed it.

Joel, just ten years old, has been playing club baseball with the Moorebank Royals for six years.  In January, the fund was created for ‘Kids with Cancer’ and Joel set a goal to raise $5000.  He didn’t want just to get his hair cut, he wanted to help other kids as well. “Wigs 4 Kids” purchase the wigs from the wigmakers and then they donate the wigs to children who are battling cancer.

Joel mentioned that he is “really blown away by [the] family and friends and people in the community who have donated to Kids with Cancer and supported me on my journey.  I’m not really sure how I feel about my new haircut, I think I am missing my hair already.”

Even though this hair is gone, he is still so proud of himself for raising the amount of money he did and being able to help kids in need. Joel also talked about how so many people are impacted by Cancer and that “I am just glad I could do something small and I hope it will help at least one kid.”

Each wig costs approximately $2000 to make so he really wanted to see if he could donate two wigs with his fundraising. He has been blessed by friends, family, and local clubs along the way to raise money. Joel is happy to say he raised a final total of $7002!

Congratulations to Joel and the Moorebank Royals who supported him along the way. It is a huge achievement for both himself and the community.