NSW Natives Jimmy Nati and Travis Bazzana Claim Consecutive Golden Spikes Awards!

Best friends and NSW natives, Jimmy Nati and Travis Bazzana have received back to back Golden Spikes Performances of the Week!

These men are putting Australia on the map, named as the best players in amateur baseball across the nation, two weeks in a row! Nati the Week 11 recipient was followed by his best friend and fellow college rival, Travis Bazzana. This achievement highlights the growing prowess of Australian athletes in the US baseball arena.

Jimmy Nati, who first clinched the award, set high standards with his exceptional performance for Stanford against California. Jimmy went 5 for 6 with 2HR and 6RBI and currently holds a .316BA for his season. Making waves in his second season with the Cardinals, Nati has been pivotal to his team’s successes and is inspiring young athletes across NSW and Australia. When asked what this achievement meant to him, Nati said “It’s pretty surreal winning an award like this, and to go back-to-back with Trav is special.”

To receive recognition on a national scale against the best of the best in college, is something they won’t forget. Jimmy continued to say “watching and playing against him [Travis] this year has been one of the coolest experiences ever. He’s the best player in the country and he’s my best mate, it doesn’t even feel real to me!”

Following Nati’s exceptional week, Travis Bazzana put on a show against Washington State making headlines and earning the Week 12 Golden Spikes Performance of the Week. Bazzana, a versatile player known for his agility and powerful hitting, has shown immense growth and consistency in his time at college. He went 3 for 4 with 4RBI and got a one up on his best mate with 3HR. Bazzana also made history, breaking the 42 year old Oregon State home run record!

Their journeys from local NSW leagues to becoming nationally recognised players is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Additionally, Bazzana’s performance this season has not only helped him earn the accolades, but carved his name in the history books of one of the best college baseball programs in the country.

The consecutive wins by Nati and Bazzana are significant for Australian baseball, shining a spotlight on the sport’s development and the high level of talent emerging from NSW. Their achievements are paving the way for future generations, proving that Australian players can stand shoulder to shoulder with the world’s best.

As we celebrate these back-to-back Golden Spikes POTW awards, it’s clear that the state is a significant hub for baseball talent. Both athletes have not only raised the bar for Australian baseball but have also become role models for aspiring players. Their journey from local fields in Ryde to international acclaim is a powerful narrative that underscores the possibilities within reach for dedicated and talented athletes.

Congratulations to the both of them! We are very excited to see where their futures take them.