History Makers: Inaugural Australian team represent at Youth Baseball5 World Cup

This month, FIVE New South Wales players and coach, Adrian Medina, made history at the WBSC Youth Baseball5 World Cup!

Alongside their Victorian teammates, Nathan Paes, Mattea Karn, Tyrese Medina, Lachlan Miller and Wil Klein-Schiporst represented the inaugural Team Australia side, and showed everyone on the world stage what that Australian Spirit looks like.

Thank you to Adrian Medina, Baseball NSW B5 Director and Executive Officer Allie Bebbere from Baseball Victoria, who lead this amazing group of young individuals. The team were also assisted by Chase Karn, a former BNSW junior playing at Albany State University (DII) in America.

Team Australia at the WBSC Youth Baseball World Cup. Image provided by WBSC.

“Baseball5 has become a sport out of this world…The skill set witnessed and experienced at this competition was three times higher than last year’s senior competition” said B5 Director and Head Coach, Adrian Medina. “To my whole Australian Team, I am so proud of you and the way you fought with so little preparation. You faced the top Baseball5 countries in the world with a true Aus[tralian] spirit and determination. You lit up the faces of everyone at this competition with your enthusiasm and courage. You were great ambassadors of this sport and made your country proud inside and outside of the court. I am so proud of you all. Heads up, this is just the beginning and the whole world is seeing it.”

The young sport of Baseball5 is breaking down barriers to the parent games of baseball and softball. It offers athletes a new experience of the game we know and love. The five-on-five sport offers legitimate pathways to international representation, including its inclusion in the 2026 Youth Olympic Program (Dakar 2026) as well as creating opportunities in the Disability Sports space. Our Baseball5 Co-Ordinator, Adrian Medina recently launched the Wheelchair Baseball5 Program in collaboration with Activate Inclusion Sports Days!

If you are interested in playing Baseball5 – whether it be at a school, club, or recreation centre – we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with our friends with BNSW Baseball5 as a start point, no matter what state you are from.

View all the images from the tournament here.