Baseball5 at Bring It ON! Fest 2023

Baseball NSW Baseball5 team had the pleasure of participating in Fairfield Council’s ‘Bring It On! Fest’ in celebration of Youth Week in NSW. 

The festival was a huge success, with huge thanks to Fairfield City Council and the many volunteers who assisted in setting up and running the day. Baseball NSW especially appreciate the assistance offered by members of the Moorebank Baseball Club and BNSW players and parents who came out to participate in the first official game of Baseball5 in Sydney!

It was very exciting to see people enjoying the game, and it was evident that the game welcomes all, as young boys and girls from all over the festival showed interest in the stall throughout the day.  Baseball5 Co-ordinator, Adrian Medina has been working closely with many Latin professionals with a passion for Baseball5. The game had four accredited WBSC Baseball5 officials all sharing different responsibilities during the match. The result of the game saw the Moorebank Tigers win, beating the Moorebank Dogs.

Adrian, as our B5 Co-Ordinator, has said “Special thanks to coaches John Brooke and Benjamin Taylor for the support and work done on and off the field promoting this great and inclusive game. As Baseball5 propels into the baseball community, B5NSW have high hopes to be able to set up a competition for our juniors.”

With the first WBSC Junior Baseball5 World Cup on the horizon, we are hoping to be able to work with and develop interested NSW players so they have the opportunity to be able to participate at this great event.  Prior to the event Adrian and Moorebank Baseball Club were LIVE on Channel 10 to share news of our participation at Bring It On Fest! The interview was a great opportunity to highlight how fun this sport can be and support B5 endevours whilst still promoting the name of baseball. It’s amazing to see the sports of B5 and baseball, as a whole, getting media exposure and we hope to continue to grow our games in NSW!!