COVIDSafe Training & Back To Activity Documents

Further to our latest Baseball NSW announcement which outlines the planned ‘Return to Baseball’, please see below the links to download the relevant and necessary documents that outline protocols and safety standards required to get us all back onto the field.

3 Step Framework Document

The 3 step Framework provides members the necessary guidelines within the sporting environment, which they are to adhere to. These steps are subject to expert medical advice and will be updated accordingly based on the NSW COVID-19 conditions.

‘Back to Training’ Attendance Checklist

Adhering to the 10 person training per activity zone restrictions gives the clubs the best opportunity to ensure the health and well-being of their members. Should a club member begin to produce symptoms of COVID, the training attendance sheet serves as useful resources to identify those that may have been exposed, and allowing them to take the necessary precautions and seek the relevant medical assistance.

There are a few options to ensure this form has been filled out prior to your training session.
1. Click here and fill the checklist out online.
2. Scan the QR code on the Training posters and fill the checklist out online via your smart device.
3. Download the checklist by clicking the button below to print.


COVIDsafe Training Posters

A sustainable return to activity is dependent on members adhering to social distancing protocols and maintaining good hygiene (on and off the field). BNSW encourage the clubs to have the COVIDsafe Training Posters positioned throughout their facilities, to educate and remind their members of their responsibility to their fellow baseballers, and the community. We have provided both A4 and A3 posters in 2 different design styles which also have a QR code that links to the ‘Back to Training Checklist’ online form.