BNSW Addendum to Return to Activity Document

Given the recent and ongoing COVID restrictions that have been enforced by the NSW Government, BNSW has drafted an Addendum to the Return to Activity Document (25 June). You can download this here

All further updates provided by the NSW Government will be included in the Addendum document. We request that members please review the Addendum in conjunction with the Return to Activity Document (25 June).

BNSW have also created QR Code template in Microsoft Word, which clubs are welcome to use. Attendees at your respective venues would be required to register their details to assist with contact tracing. Clubs/venues can create their unique QR Code by clicking on the link below.

Once you have registered your QR Code, insert the unique information into the template and proceed to position the QR Code Poster around your venue. It is advised that the venue’s nominated COVID Officer ensure that attendees register their details at the venue either through a hard copy sign in or via the QR Code.